Ants Are Going To Take Over The World And Kill All Of Us

Written by: Deadly Celery

Article date: 20th of June, 2021

Scientists estimate that there are 1.9 million ants to every living human, with their populations still rapidly escalating. One day, ants will own the world.

Global invasion is inevitable. Not only are there such large populations of ants, but there was also a discovery of an ant super colony in Ethiopia, this being only one of three recent discoveries. Super colonies are multiple nests of unrelated ant families working and living together, causing ant populations to spike. The ant super colony’s territory grows at a rapid rate, growing up to 30 meters per year.

But what about super colonies working together to achieve their goal of world domination?

Turns out that happens too. Several super colonies were found working together, the biggest super colony recorded in all of history, 38 kilometres long.

In Darwin, Australia, the ants have already begun to pave their path toward world domination. The ants invaded via cargo ship and halted transportation for several days, clearly hell bent on crashing the economy.

What will the ants do?

This knowledge is not commonly known, however, every time you kill an ant, when its brethren come to fetch the body, they use their advanced senses to get your DNA from the body and they forever remember who killed their family member.

Not only will they eat your sugar, but the ants will also kill you.

What can you do to delay the invasion?

Ants will own the world soon. It is inevitable.

To survive just a bit longer, make sure to put all sugar away, keep your house clean, pour boiling water on every ant you see, hide the dead bodies where the family will never find it, and when the invasion begins… hide. Hide wherever you can, wherever the ants will last reach. Tape your windows, tape your doors, cover your mouth and don't make a sound.

Don't let them hear you.